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They Grow up So Fast (Cassette Tape)

Debut solo release by Ben Schlabach (aka Uncle Bengine). Six songs that cover a lot of ground including; war, love, loss, travel, whiskey, friendship and murder. Built around the story lines and acoustic guitar, "They Grow up so Fast" is brought to life by the addition of drums, pedal steel, violin, bass and washboard.

Recorded in the Fall of 2009 by Ben Schlabach and John Hostetter in various basements and warehouses around Harrisonburg VA.

Released on Funny/Not Funny Records in April of 2010, limited to 100 imprinted yellow shelled cassette with full color J-Card.
Comes with Digital Download.


  1. Sam Noel
  2. Standing in the Rain
  3. Virginia Roads
  4. College Home
  5. My Pretty Bride
  6. Caroline's Eyes

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